New Trend

Modern people’s pursuit of beauty is getting higher and higher, because people with good image and temperament will be more popular no matter in the workplace and in social life. People usually have a first impression of a person on their appearance. When you enter the society, you will find that appearance is more important than you think. When you are looking for a job, your qualifications are similar to yours, and they are usually good-looking. will be given priority. When looking for a partner, good-looking people will have more suitors. This is the reason why modern people pay more and more attention to appearance. In pursuit of beauty, I will try various methods.

Insist on skin care in the beauty salon, why is the effect mediocre?

In the process of serving customers, we found that some customers have been doing beauty treatments in beauty salons for 20 or 30 years, but you will find that their age looks similar to their actual age. Why does this happen?
It’s because the beauty salon has been taking care of your skin, and your muscles and fascia have sagging and sagging. This is why you still look so old.

Is the temporary beauty in exchange for health worth it?

People go for micro-surgery for medical beauty because the effect of micro-surgery is fast. Although the duration of micro-surgery is short and there are certain risks, people’s determination to pursue beauty will make them willing to pay the price, even the price of their lives.

Overuse of the instrument, beauty or disfigurement?

Excessive use of the instrument will cause stiff facial muscles, dull skin, large pores on the entire face that cannot be closed, thin stratum corneum and redness, and skin loses its barrier and is prone to allergies. Overuse of some devices may also pose the risk of facial paralysis. Is it beauty or disfigurement!

Each of us has a unique face, and you don’t need plastic surgery as long as your face has no visible flaws. Healthy, clean skin and a body without edema will make you look radiant.
To have good skin, you must first have a good body. The healthier the person, the better the skin looks. Spots on the face, acne, dull and lackluster skin, and large pores on the nose are all related to physical health, including what you think of as aging. Many customers say that I will certainly be old when I am fifty, but you have not thought about why people of the same age have different parts of aging. That’s because aging manifests differently for different physical problems. The spleen controls the fur. People with a bad spleen and stomach have yellow and dull skin, and loose muscles. The liver stores blood, and people with bad liver and gallbladder have dark skin and prone to spots and hair loss, so when there is a problem with the face, your body also has health problems. The face is just a distress signal from the body.

Core Technical Achievements

Kuko has been insisting on independent technology research and development since its establishment.
The company’s main core technologies are the results of our many years of research.

Meridian Acupoint Micro-Shaping

“Meridian Acupoint Micro-Shaping” can achieve better effects than injections and instruments without any side effects.

Meridian and Acupoint Remodeling

“Meridian Acupoint Body Reshaping” can not only lose weight and shape body, but also regulate various chronic diseases while shaping body

Meridian Acupoint Breast Enhancement

“Meridian Acupoint Breast Enlargement” The chest is not full and the shape is not good. It is caused by the blockage of the meridians in the chest. After the meridians are blocked, the thymus gland will shrink. After dredging the chest meridians, stimulate the chest acupoints to change the chest shape.

Customer Witnessess

The customer used acupoint plastic surgery three times,
and the facial contour and skin condition showed obvious changes!